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Our Integral Outsourcing solutions allow our clients to outsource certain services with the objective of receiving specialized services while maximizing the time and focusing their efforts on the strategic activities of their business.

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"Laney did a great job from the beginning. They always come up with a creative solution to our problems taking into account the constraints and attributes of our teamwork, strengthening our weaknesses and making the most out of our strengths. They know how to expose their points in a clear and concise manner. We have been working with Laney for almost a decade, and in this period of time we have experienced a clear improvement of our company performance, strengthening our administrative department and improving the working environment of our organization. It is a pleasure to work with Laney". Marisol Mosquera, Founder and President of Aracari, a leading company in the tourism sector. LANEY has provided Aracari with services in Management, Administrative Outsourcing, Accounting-Tax and Labour for almost a decade".Marisol Mosquera, Founder and President of Aracari


"Having collaborated with Laney for more than a decade, my impression is that their services are highly professional, punctual, timely and accurate . Knowing that Laney takes care of my issues, resolving them quickly and efficiently, allows me to be calm and dedicate my time to what really interests me. In addition, communication with the whole team is always warm and friendly, which helps everything flow naturally".José Antonio Miró Quesada, entrepreneur and independent consultant


"I came across Laney's services 2 years ago, thanks to a personal recommendation. It was love at first sight. From the beginning there was an immediate understanding; they made me feel at home.The team is young and capable.Effective and clear.The service is fast. I feel absolutely safe and confident knowing that with Laney's endorsement, things are always being done to make sure that I do not have to worry about anything. And as a customer, security and trust is the foundation of a lasting relationship". Regina Alcóver, Actress


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